Window Cills

These attractive standard stone window cills can be made to suit any window opening. Four standard styles of window cill to choose from, the C1, C2, C3 and C4.  

Bay cills are manufactured to suit 45° & 90° angles.

Cills over 1400mm long will be made in more than one piece. Window cills are non-structural, handling reinforcement is allowed for. All cills are produced with a drip to the underside.

These cills can also be made in both Dry-Cast and Wet-Cast materials. Bespoke cills to suit existing or an individual design can also be catered for.

Technical Drawings

Stooled Cill Type C1

Bullnosed Stooled Cill Type C2

Slip Cill Type C3

Stooled Cill Type C4

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