Our service

Quality you can count on before and after installation

Our stone

Manufactured in Northamptonshire, our stone is made with expert precision moulds and is available in dry and wet cast.

  • British Standard 1217:2008 compliant
  • Available in 2 colours, portland or bath stone
  • 96 Standard products that have consistently shown great results
  • Bespoke design for all products and entirely custom pieces available


For the last 15 years we have continued to produce dry and wet cast stone of exceptional quality. We assure our customers that every product we create (bespoke or standard) satisfies all British Standard 1217:2008 requirements. This includes dimension tolerances, flatness of plane surface, permeability, durability and compressive strength.

More about British Standard 1217:2008
> 600mm+/- 2mm
601mm – 1000mm+/- 3mm
1001mm - 2500mm+/- 4mm
2501mm - 4000mm+/- 5mm
< 4000mm+/- 6mm

Manufacturing tolerance

For several years we’ve used precision moulds to create both standard and bespoke products that meet dimension requirements within millimeters.

We guarantee every product produced by Key Stonework meets the dimensional tolerances permitted by the British Standard 1217:2008.