Technical Information

When installing window cills we recommend the you refer to BS5628 Part 3 2005 As with natural stone, cast stone may be subject to shade and texture variances.


Key Stonework Architectural Cast Stone is manufactured to BS 1217: 1997


Key Stonework prides itself in the production of high quality Cast Stone products, which is only possible by the manufacture of precision moulds. Key Stonework’s mould makers have many years of experience of the manufacture of both standard and bespoke moulds. This allows the precise manufacture of their products both standard and bespoke alike.

Manufacturing Tolerances

Dimensional tolerances permitted by BS 1217: 1997 DIMENSION(MM)TOLERANCE (MM)
Up to 600 +/- 2
601 to 1000 +/- 3
1001 to 2500 +/- 4
2501 to 4000 +/- 5
Over 4000 +/- 5

Mortar Recommendations

Masonry cement/sand and plasticised cement/sand mortars are suitable for use with Key Stonework Cast Stone, however, mortars containing lime are highly recommended as they have a lower permeability are give greater resistance to rain penetration. Mortars must be able to resist frost and develop durability quickly, however, unnecessarily strong mortars should be avoided as they concentrate the effect of any differential movement.

Handling and Storage

Key Stonework Cast Stone is supplied banded and wrapped on pallets for ease of handling , care should be taken at all times when moving Key Stonework Cast Stone around the site. The following guidelines should be adhered to:
  • Pallets should be stored on flat ground and not double staked
  • The outer wrapping should not be removed until the products are ready to install
  • After installation the stonework should be protected against damage from other on-site work


Key Stonework Cast Stone is available in the following colours: Portland and Bath Special colours are available upon request

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